Our Story

Vanuatu is a small developing country in the South Pacific about 2.5 hours from Brisbane. Our major industry is tourism and we have very little in the way of manufacturing so we rely on sourcing products from all over the globe.

We place a very high value on our education but the reality is that there are very limited opportunities for young Ni-Van (used to describe the indigenous people of Vanuatu) after they leave school.

Our family has a long history with sport within Vanuatu, football, netball and AFL, and over the years we have had to source sports uniforms for National and Local teams from sources in Australia, N.Z. China and other manufacturing countries. Along the way we made some fantastic relationships with people and companies that are experts in their industries.

So our family made the decision to form a brand new business that allows us to utilise these contacts for the benefit of Australian sporting clubs.

Our goals are:

  • to build a new industry to provide opportunities for as many young Ni-Van’s as we can
  • Support local sport through sponsorship
  • To offer Australian sporting the clubs the very best garments at the lowest prices.

VS Factory Direct is the online division of Vanuatu Spirit, a Vanuatu owned and registered business based in Port Vila, Vanuatu.